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Fairhaven Memorial Park and Mortuary Events

Fairhaven has a long standing reputation for providing assistance and service from a caring, professional staff. Our services do not end at the time of death or after the interment. We are committed to providing information and support that will be helpful to the bereaved family. We also have a long standing tradition of community involvement in Santa Ana and now in Mission Viejo as well.

We hold special events such as Easter Sunrise Service, Memorial Day, Dia de los Muertos and Always in Our Hearts, to pay tribute to those who are laid to rest here and whose memories live on.  We offer monthly grief support groups at our offices in Santa Ana and Mission Viejo. There are also seminars and workshops offered from time-to-time on topics such as "Coping with the Holidays" and "The Bereavement Process." We reach out to the community by providing events in the park and networking opportunities. We hold quarterly Creative Visions breakfasts at our Mission Viejo office and Creative Visions luncheons at our Santa Ana facility. Every summer we take advantage of our stellar weather by providing our Summer Entertainment Series of free events in the park that can range from Sunday afternoon concerts to Saturday evening classic movies. 

Easter Sunrise Service

Our Easter Sunrise Service is a celebration of the hope the holiday represents to many. It features beautiful live music, a powerful Easter message and a spectacular white dove release.

Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day event is a special service to remember our nation's servicemen and women. It's a tribute to those who gave their lives in service to our country and a celebration of those who currently serve or have served our nation. Featuring live entertainment and patriotic speakers, our Memorial Day Service is a wonderful reminder of what it means to be an American.

Dia de los Muertos

Fairhaven honors a traditional Hispanic celebration of the lives of those who have passed on the day the souls of departed loved ones return to partake of offerings from friends and family. It is a thanksgiving of family ties and togetherness, as well as an experience of the seamless continuity of life and death. We join together with our families in celebrating this colorful Mexican custom which includes a memorial service, ofrendas, live music, and the sharing of pan de muerto, a soft round bread covered with sugar that is often in the shape of bones or a skull. Everyone is welcome to join us on this memorable evening to celebrate those we have lost and will never be forgotten.

Always in Our Hearts

Our holiday memorial service, Always in Our Hearts, is dedicated to families who have encountered the loss of a loved one. We invite all families to join us at this special service for a time of reflection and a special time to honor and cherish those they love. It is also an opportunity to mingle with others who have also encountered a loss and understand. We realize the holidays can be a difficult time. Our goal is to give each visitor a special time and place where they can find comfort and support.

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"Fairhaven Memorial Park and Mortuary arranged the funeral for my dear wife Jessie. The preparation of every detail was very well done and the appearance of my wife was just beautiful. The Father did a great job speaking about Jessie’s life. Also the soloist and the organist added a nice touch to the funeral. The funeral was handled in a very professional manner and I wanted to express my satisfaction. "