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What is genealogy?

Genealogy is the study of the descents of families and persons from an ancestor or ancestors. This study is undertaken by many people out of interest in their personal and family origins. Cemeteries are one of many sources of information.

How can your cemetery help me find a family member?

Our cemetery has an office that maintain records of who is interred at the cemetery and who was moved from our cemetery to another. We will look up a name in our records for a small service fee. We will then mail you copies of the information that we find in our burial records.

Can you give me the names of my other relatives buried in the cemetery?

As a general rule, we cannot provide the names of parents, children, or other relatives because family relationships have not been recorded in our records.

"Fairhaven Memorial Park and Mortuary arranged the funeral for my dear wife Jessie. The preparation of every detail was very well done and the appearance of my wife was just beautiful. The Father did a great job speaking about Jessie’s life. Also the soloist and the organist added a nice touch to the funeral. The funeral was handled in a very professional manner and I wanted to express my satisfaction. "