Cremation Options

Eternal Springs Cremation Garden

Eternal Springs was designed as a peaceful contemporary environment for families to visit and find comfort amongst the sounds of the running stream and surrounded by the beauty of nature.


The cremated remains of your loved ones may be safely held in one of our many niche features throughout the park. We may place the urn in the sanctity of the old mausoleum or within the gated niche rooms of Serenity. We have both above ground inurnment and below ground inurnment. Urns may be buried at the head or foot of a grave for the final resting-place beneath the many trees of Fairhaven. Niches can be an affordable way to memorialize our families and provide us with a place to visit with the deceased.


Cremation Family Estates

We offer two prestigious urn family estates in our Imperial Gardens and Emerald Gardens. Designed to hold from one to four inurnments of cremated remains, these locations feature slant markers as a fitting tribute for the family.


Ground Burial Spaces

Our manicured lawns provide a beautiful, serene setting in which to remember your loved one and visit their final resting place.



This is a unique form of disposition that is not offered at many cemeteries in the United States. We have memorializing or non-memorializing ossuaries, which provide an affordable resting place for our loved ones. If your family member was not fond of water, this may be an alternative to scattering at sea. Over the memorialized ossuaries are plaques, which enable our families to identify their loved ones. The two current depositories with space available are Tribute and Remembrance.


Other Memorialization Options

Many people look for other ways to remember their loved ones that is unique and special for that person. With a tree plaque, or a granite bench, a life can be remembered with inscription that is unique to that person. Fairhaven has over one thousand trees in the park, and, as long as they are available, a tree plaque may be placed under each tree with an inscription about your loved one. If a red granite bench is appropriate, it may be inscribed and dedicated to your family member. Whether you choose to use Fairhaven, or a place that you can call your own to think about the person that you have lost, we encourage you to find that place, and remember…